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The Fridge
1995 Gals
Charli & Nell love their train set
Charli & Nell take turns
being the damsel in distress...

Horny Rudi
likes to play reindeer games...

Santa's daughter Nicolette
can fill stockings, too...

Crystal gets Frosty
builds VERY accurate snowmen...

Rochelle digitizes
Rochelle records
her latest gold disc...

Brigitte cooks
Brigitte is self-basting...

Giselle goes down
Giselle's back was too arched;
but the judges
rated her a '10' anyway...

Amanda gets away
If the bait had been a little bigger,
Amanda would have swallowed it
hook, line, and sinker...

Lilith pours it on
Being Queen of the Damned
has a lot of perks,
but feeding her subjects
is Lilith's favorite...

Ilse comes down the aisle
Fortunately for Ilse
(and her love Monster),
Dr. F. was not only a mad scientist,
but also a damn fine
cosmetic surgeon...

Lynette is ready to howl
When the Moon is full,
Lynette likes it doggy-style...

Glenda rides the breeze
Glenda got tired
of always being the Good witch...

Zoe's epiphany
Suddenly, Zoe remembers
she never dreams in color...

Olivia's magic mirror
often spends hours
in front of her mirror...

Leila shows her spirit
A long line
always formed behind Leila,
yet no one told her to hurry up...

Cherie reveals her inner child
Cherie likes to be babied...

Sophia's surprise
Sophia thought this was one
of her more imaginative hits.

Xarrna and her Ex-es
Xarrna and her Ex-es.

Alyssa watches her favorite show
Ever since Alyssa got her camcorder,
there's always something
worth watching...

Nina's stripes tease
Needless to say,
Nina wouldn't look good in plaid...

Milla takes Manhattan
Milla can't decide
between the Chrysler Building
and the Empire State...

Jessica plays with her bauble
Thanks to her bauble,
can give herself a little head...

Cap'n Bonny ready for action
And 'though
challenging Cap'n Bonny
meant certain death
at the end of a cutlass,
most men considered it
a fair trade...

Pocahontas fills up on cereal
Pocahontas didn't teach John Smith
ALL the things
one can do with Maize...

M/E-17 gets charged up
Although most units only need visit
the recharging station once a week,
M/E-17 never seems to leave...

Kitty's finally getting the hang
of this morphing thing...

Sam wants you!
Protect Samantha's
freedom of expression
(and yours too)!
Oppose the
Communications Decency Act.

Karen cools her cappuccino
After a long day in C-Space,
Karen cools off with a cup
o'cappuccino at Cafe Liberty...

Uma lends herself a hand
Although Uma's anatomy
makes it a bitch to find blouses,
it comes in handy
on those lonely nights...

Parsifal drools over Penelope
Penelope's pooch Parsifal
is very pleased
they allow dogs at this beach...

Danni drops her keys
Danni discovers
why autoerotic bondage
never really caught on...

Georgia paints
There was a reason
Georgia's jeans looked painted on...

Vanessa wakes up
Now that Vanessa
has her VibrAlarm,
she never hits "snooze."

Elle Vess on stage
Elle Vess doesn't sound
anything like the King,
but her fans don't seem to care...

Zara W. as Manga Girl
Zara goes Manga!

Erin is searched for weapons by Officer Trixie
In InterSex City,
some folks TRY to get arrested.

Cori changes her boyfriend's mind
When Cori has problems
with her boyfriend,
she knows how to change his mind.

Joanne tries the wedgie look
Joanne tries the wedgie look.

Maxi tells Dawn to be quiet
The burglar picked the wrong time
to break into
the usually-patient Maxi's house...

Gina on her InvisiBike
The latest in ElectroMagnetic
Wave Superposition technology
allows Gina's
Hydrogen-Fusion Harley
to be virtually invisible.
Unfortunately, it renders all
non-leather garments
transparent as well.

Keiko with her CD-ROM
carries the Kama Sutra on CD...

Mari in a Hallway
Mari didn't become a spy
to serve her country,
she did it for the uniform...

Sexy Sara in her Stim-Suit
Sara's excited
by her new software...

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